Since its soon halloween what better occasion to make a little endless wallpaper for all of you with Madeline and her ghosts.:) 

I am very very fond of those now.XD 

And Thank you to fantastic Darkmoonsigel for making them even more awesome.:)

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Hello! I'm currently a senior at an undergrad liberal arts school majoring in Art (general) and Women's and Gender Studies. I want to be a concept artist/illustrator, and I do a lot of my stuff on the side. I'm just wondering, is a masters degree necessary for the field?


You don’t really need a Masters degree to work in that field. I refer to Elena and Olivia Ceballos a lot, but they’re working in the industry, and illustrating  and they don’t have degrees. Your portfolio will do a lot of the talking.

Jason Manley at has a great post about this question and notes this:

8. Degrees mean jack squat to an artist unless they plan on working overseas (required for the visa) or teaching full time at the university level. No one in my entire career has ever asked if I graduated from college. I didn’t…but I did do six successive years in art school. I did not even graduate from high school. Now I own two international art companies which lead in their respective fields. However, my education was valuable. But, one can be educated away from a degree system and end up just fine. Degrees in art are mostly for pleasing your parents.

You can learn from everywhere— and the internet is an especially huge help with all the wonderful tutorials and lessons online, some paid, some free.
Your portfolio is what is important, and I would focus on making it amazing because you have a lot at your disposal for learning :)
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Iconic quotes about Art and Creativity

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Little Mori girl doodle inspired by a pretty picture I found in the tag. (I wish I could link a blog but I only get back to the tag.:( )

I might do more in that style. It relaxing and cute.:D

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If only I could talk to people as well as I draw that would be great.

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In the last inktober, what materials did you use? I love the way it came out!

I used a red col-eraser pencil for the sketch, Staedtler marsgraphic duo pen for the inking 

(I love them a lot.) 

and for the grey I used photoshop. (I cheated a bit because I misplaced my grey markers I must admit.) 

Thanks a lot dear and I hope this help.:)

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I am back to inktober!:D 

day 20 is the Devil. Or actually more closer to the handsome devil from the tales I heard as a child. He would invite himself to sunday parties, dance with the prettiest girl all night without stopping and on the midnight bell would kiss her, either burning her mouth or stealing her youth.

then he would laugh and escape on the back of a black horse leaving smoking trail behind him.

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Tumblr I need your help.

I’ll have a booth at CTNx again this year and I’m planning on selling some prints from Yuri and the Golden Plum (I’m looking into a way to sell them online after the expo as well). Unfortunately it’s not economical to make prints of every image I have for the project, so I have paired the group down to these images, of which I want to bring about four.

I would love it if folks would leave a comment indicating which image they would like most (1-7). This would be a big help thanks so much.

I’m going to do the same thing with another project next week.

Thanks in advance,


Thank you all so much, I think I’ll need to bring more than 4!

number 6 is my fave!

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radiophile | prokopetz:

Western Canadian Literature: “The prairie is cold and empty, like my marriage.”

Eastern Canadian Literature: “The sea is cold and empty, like my marriage.”

Cultural differences.

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I got to finally read Neil Gaiman “The Sandman” this month.:) I love it! and for the life of me I don’t understand why I didn’t sooner.

SO here a little things to calm the drawing bunnies in my head.:)

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