during my vacation home I had took a few old manga to read again and i suddenly remembered this guy wich is a old oc I had created in high school. (i am guilty i know.) decide to redraw him for the fun and to warm up for the day. 

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NEVER paint your walls pale yellow if you dont want to kill your eyes trying to be sure you didnt missed a spot and if you need to put another layer of paint.

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never ever again I am passing a week without drawing. I am so rusty I want to bang my hand on the desk to see if it will work again correctly. (with the moving and all I didnt had the time to stop and actually draw. thank god now i ca practice.)

so here a cute little guy while I continue to warm up

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moving out of my old place so on hiatus for a few days.

so, like some of you knows I am moving out of my apartement and due to complication i wont have internet for a bit. 

so I will be on hiatus until I am settle.:)

see you all soon!

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Altia, a 7 week old Siberian Eagle Owl, the largest species of owl in the world meets Powys, a 5 week old Little Owl. The pair are being raised at The Scottish Owl Centre in Scotland’s central belt.

Picture: Katielee ArrowsmithHEMEDIA (via Pictures of the day: 12 June 2014 - Telegraph)

hello tin  y s cousins!  Please not alarm, it is I the LARG of owl!  Can hide the behin d a tails if want.  I will a safe

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Happy Friday the 13th!!!! its full moon too so if the skies are clear go outside look at it.:D

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There’s gonna be a new Zelda, you guys!

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Lord William the fox from darkmoonsigel little hodge podge story here.:)

a Duck will soon join him.:D 

their where supposed to be part of my portefolio but I didnt finished them in time. still I love him very much, it was the first time I tried to make something reall more in the beatrix Potter style. 

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